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Spring Creek Ranch® 

 is a non-profit hobby farm in

Northern Minnesota, on the banks of Spring Creek.

Owners/Operators Jake and Kat Johnson

moved to the area of Blackhoof Township in 2008

 to raise their growing family.

Now a family of eight, the "Krazy 8 Johnsons"

share a great love for the outdoors and togetherness

and for our (seemingly) always growing

furry family of quarter and miniature horses, 

dogs, cats, goats and bunnies.

Our purpose and mission are simply to offer the

 "country life"

 experience to those yearning to explore it!

Sharing is caring and we care to share!

A Customer Said...

I would highly recommend this cozy hobby farm to family, friends, or co-workers and can't wait to return again!

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